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Mothers, Please do not do this:

By the time my daughter starting walking on her own my wife decided my Grandmother's rocker was her chair and she would while away the hours sitting there watching TV. I sat on a 3 wide sofa so you know where the kids would sit!

So I've got this wriggly little child climbing up to sit with her Daddy every day and night. She often sat on my lap. This was not arousing for me. But when she started to imitate the "Movie Kisses" she saw on her mother's soap operas that changed the dynamic. As she grew and got bigger she realized her mother was not approachable but Daddy was.

Mommy was also saying "No" to Daddy night after night for more than a thousand consecutive nights. At first it was, "I have a headache." or "I'm too tired" then later it was just "No!"  When I pushed she claimed all the affairs she accused me of were real and therefore I must have HIV/AIDS.

While all this contributed to the likelihood that incest would occur, I ,and I alone, am responsible for what I did. I pray daily for my ex-wife that she understand that her rejection of her daughter and husband contributed to the probability that incest would happen.

Fact: I was and am HIV negative. HIV testing is mandatory for sex offenders in Iowa. The victims are informed if there is a positive test. Of course, a positive test would also trigger a treatment regimen and antiviral therapy.  My drugs were Loratadine (generic Claritin) for allergies, and Aspirin to reduce the likelihood of a heart attack.