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If any of you follow @groundedknee

You will find @groundedknees tweets a lot about loving people. His brother-in-law is a sex offender who was released from prison August 11, 2011. Groundedknees has no children but continues to claim to love with brother-in-law but threatened him earlier this week with a charge of harassment for an E-mail he sent saying there was no love where there was no relationship. 

This man runs a charity called Kids and Teens 519 that he uses to raise funds so he can travel the world allegedly teaching about Jesus but when his own life reflect such hatred for his wife's brother his tweeting on love is hypocracy. Most of the money raised goes to my brother-in-law or buys his airfare for world travel. I suspect the Administrative Assistant is none other than my sister. So the budget which is over $100,000 is mostly for their personal benefit.

Don't take my word for it go to their