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Why I bother with 30 year old computers

Why am I still wanting to use my 30 year old TRS-80 Model III's? I like their ability to take sheet music and make it into four part sound. I know that there may be software for these newer machines to do it or I could download MP3's but with my old machines I can actually type in the notes and it will record them and play them. They are also good for me to play with for hardware design. USB may be fast but if I don't need the speed then a TRS-80 is easy to interface to without having to worry about tying it into the USB's high speed capability.

I have SuperScriptsit wordprossessors, Visicalc Spreadsheet software and Profile 3+ Database Manager. Admitted it isn't Microsoft Office but for people in my age group who played with these old system knew we could import cells from Visicalc and Fields from Profile 3+ so integrating programs so they work together did not start with Microsoft. Tandy Radio Shack did it first.

So I have these Athlon based Windows Vista and Windows XP machines and my old TRS-80's Best of both worlds.