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Why I said no one wants to love me except to rip me off.

I once sent $720 to a travel agent to a British Travel Agent to be added to the $550 an American in Britain had already given him to bring her back home. She did not come despite the fact the money was on time, she said it was late and she had "missed her flight." Later she said she could still come to me if I gave her $550 more. Last month that was down to $200. Needless to say it was a con.

Today I had a woman tell me on Yahoo Chat that "I will love you forever" then less than 32 minutes later was saying "We are done." and when I asked her if I should take her off my contact list she said "You can if you want." In other words, "i don't care. That has to be a record or she lied in the first statement.

Before these two there was a blonde from Australia who claimed to love me if only I would send her $3000 to fly her to the United States.

The woman on Yahoo wanted to know where I banked. I did not tell her saying I feared identity theft. Then she accused me of not trusting her. After these three experiences I don't know if I ever want to meet anyone to consider for a 2nd wife.

70,000 people showed up in a candlelight vigil for Elvis yesterday. A young man said it could only happen in Memphis

where they do it to honor a man who died 35 years ago. Memphis holds Elvis Week every year. But he ignored the fact that millions of people show up in churches every Sunday to honor a man who as also God who died 1,970 years ago.

An on-line petition to Facebook.

Why I say the likelihood of me reoffending is 0.9%.

A 2007 report by the Iowa Department of Corrections puts the recidivism of a sex offender who receives "some treatment" at 1.8%. But this study does not separate the released inmates by age. The 1997 Federal Study by the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics (A part of the United Stated Department of Justice) states that sex offenders older than 45 have only half the recidivism of younger offenders. So taking that 1.8% for all sex offenders released in Iowa and cutting in half gives me a rate of 0.9%

It may be even lower as heterosexual incest offenders have the lowest recidivism of any group of sex offenders.

An accurate assessment of the risk of sex offenders repeating their crimes.

New Study Compares Sexual Predator Assessment Tools

June 2012:

The three most commonly used tools to assess the recidivism of a sexually violent predator (SVP) are the Static-99, the Minnesota Sex Offender Screening Tool, Revised (MnSOST-R), and the Psychopathy Checklist, Revised (PCL-R). Prison overcrowding and regulations that allow for hospitalization as an alternative to prison have resulted in the release of numerous SVPs. These individuals are granted release based in part on their risk for reoffending. These tools mentioned earlier are used in making this determination. Therefore, it is essential that they be fully evaluated to ensure that they are accurately assessing the potential recidivism rates of SVPs. However, few studies have compared these three tools in a clinical sample until now.

Cailey S. Miller of the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy at the University of South Florida believes that the risk to the community at large could be significantly reduced if SVPs were being effectively screened using the most valid and accurate tool possible. To determine which of these three tools can provide the most consistent results, Miller evaluated 315 SVPs using all three measures. She found that among all three tools, the Static-99 provided the most consistent results among raters, followed closely by the MnSOST-R.

Miller noted that the PCL-R was the least consistent in the results it provided; however, it had its strengths. Particularly, the PCL-R was very reliable at assessing antisocial behavior and lifestyle traits among the SVPs. However, Miller also found that all three instruments yielded field validity results that were far below those outlined in their respective manuals. Because SPVs pose significant traumatic, sexual, and psychological threats to communities, Miller believes that further exploration of these measures is necessary before they are universally used to grant release to offenders. Miller added that until then, “Evaluators can best inform this important legal decision-making process by familiarizing themselves with the strengths and limitations of those measures on which they rely and effectively communicating this information to the courts.” ..Source..

The problem with Barack Ohama's approval of same sex marriage is that it defies the Bible.

The Old Testament book of Malachi says in Chapter 2: 14,15 " And ye have said, ‘Wherefore?’ Because Jehovah hath testified between thee And the wife of thy youth, That thou hast dealt treacherously against her, And she thy companion, and thy covenant-wife.
15  And He did not make one only, And He hath the remnant of the Spirit. And what is the one alone! He is seeking a godly seed. And ye have been watchful over your spirit, And with the wife of thy youth, None doth deal treacherously."

If the purpose of marriage is to produce godly seed or godly offspring (NIV) then same sex marriages are not in God's will because there is no way for two same sex partners to produce offspring. Oh, they can adapt but the child they adapt came from the union of one man and one woman.

While Jesus himself was silent on the issue of homosexuality there is not doubt that it is condemned in the strongest terms in both the New and Old Testaments. Jesus did not speak of it because it was known to all the jews of his time that homosexuality was forbidden. Paul clarifies this in Romans 1:24-27.

Am I wrong not to go along with her on this?

Last Thursday my girlfriend who is abroad agreed 2 sign a promissory note 2 the money I'm sending her. Now she says send the money no signiture and I'm saying no, you agreed to sign for it so sign for. The delay because the document was mailed may be long but if the love is real it should last longer than an intercontinental mail delay.

If she can't keep this small agreement what chance does our relationship have? If she cheats on little stuff she's likely to cheat on more significant stuff just like my first wife did.

Is it wrong for me to hold her accountable?


My girlfriend ask me for lots of money to renew her passport, get her internet back up and come to marry me.

I had trouble because it was more money than I had on hand though I have assetts I could sell to raise it. So I ask her to sign a promissory note saying she would owe the principle and interest if she did not marry me. She also has to stay married and faithful for a minimum of 3 years at which time the debt is forgiven. I thought it would scare her off. She said YES!


If people who visit what happened to the mail to link at the bottom of Author's Relationship Needs page

It is no longer needed. I have found the attractive slender sexy blonde beautiful woman I want to make my second wife. I believe I can remarry because Paul wrote in the book of first Corinthians about a couple where one partner believed and the other did not. He said that if an unbelieving spouse wanted to leave a believer that the believer should let them go because we are called to peace. My ex believes that Jesus dies for her sins but not for mine. She thinks because she considers what happened to her as a child and what I did to my victim and daughter as being unforgivible. If you think the sexual abuse of child or any other activity you do to another human being is unforgiveable go to and clidk on The Unforgiveable Sin and learn the truth.

The root of all evil is not money, It is the Love of Money.

1Ti 6:10  for a root of all the evils is the love of money, which certain longing for did go astray from the faith, and themselves did pierce through with many sorrows;