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The Bible a "Book of Myth"

People who say they consider the Bible a "Book of Myth" are quite often ones who refuse to consider that what they do may be condemned by the words of the book. I know many sites that say incest does no harm. I also know that is a lie. Goebbels once said 'Tell the big lie often enough it becomes the truth:"  Well when the Bible says something is wrong if we don't agree we try to say it doesn't matter.

The fact that anal sex tears the rectum of the receiving individual allowing free entry into the blood stream all the virii and bacteria in the transmitter's semen. That's how AIDS got its foothold in the homosexual community first.. I'm not calling it a judgment from God mearly pointing out that saying the anal passage is as hyper elastic as a woman's vagina is another lie.

Read the book before you criticize it. I've read it and found my sins enumerated. But that does not make it wrong. It simply proves my sinfulness and my need for a sinless sacrificial lamb. It is that lamb's coming we celabrate this weekend.

This is my humble opinion. Before you decide it's a book of myth. READ IT