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Job Hunting Problems

A person who has a criminal record has a lot of trouble finding a job. It doesn't matter if you're going to be installing satellite dishes or servicing computers, one thing they ask is if you have a record. Answering yes puts you out of contention for the job.  If you lie and say no and they find out later, then they will fire you for the "Fraud" of signing a false application.

If you are a sex offender, it is worse. With public sex offender register sites you are immediately known to everybody who tries to look.  This makes it impossible to find work.

The fact that incest occurs as a result of wife rejecting both her daughter and her husband doesn't seem to matter. I am neither a sex addict nor a pedophile. I am an Electronic Technician with over thirty years experience working on all kinds of electronics and mechanical devices and systems and yet no one will hire me. Recidivism of sex offenders is so low only one class of criminal has a lower rate of recidivism and that group is murderers. 

Since many states enforce a life with parole sentence on murderers most of these people do not ever get the chance to repeat their crimes.  Sex offenders who recognize that they harmed their victims are the least likely to re-offend. I recognize the harm my abuse brought to my victim so I am in that group.

So, I sit here at my brother's rural home where I am a virtual slave to whatever they need done. It's okay because they do feed me and give me space. There is so much broken here that I can fix if I could just get the tools to do it, but tools cost money and that is something you don't have if you don't work, can't draw unemployment,can't get welfare and haven't been certified disabled.