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Where is their Star Ship going? So far we have not found a Goldy Locks planet, with the right gravity, the right temperature, the right biosphere for us to colonize. We might be able to Terraform Mars to make it habitable in a couple of hundred years but travel to other star systems when most solar systems seem to have one Jupiter sized planet orbiting its star closer than Mercury orbits Sol.

These gas giants form out where Jupiter is and because the stellar nebula are denser on the side closer to the star they get dragged into closer and closer orbits. As they spiral in they absorb the terrestrial planet that formed near the star thus wiping out the type of planets we could colonize.  The did find a planet recently in the center of the area where liquid water could exist. it has a diameter 2.4 times this Earth. Assuming a density similar to Earth you would see a gravity of 57 times that of the Planet Earth. So if you weigh 100 pounds here, you would weigh 5700 pounds there! I doubt you could walk at that gravity level.

So keep your ship in orbit until we find you a suitable planet. Kepler telescope is actively looking right now.