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I suppose you've heard of the two cancer patients with AIDS who are AIDS free after a bone marrow transplant. How?

Before a doctor does a bone marrow transplant he has to kill off all the existing bone marrow in the recipient before putting the new bone marrow into the patient. If the AIDS virus is principally in the bone marrow because the antiviral drugs have purged it from the blood  stream and the bone marrow is killed off by radiation the radiation would also kill the AIDS virus. So when the new marrow goes in it starts without the HIV in it and the patient at least for a while seems to be cured. Will it prove to be an actual cure? Time will tell. 

Why people become homosexual. What my gay cellmates told me in prison:

I spent nine years and three months in prison for the sexual abuse of my own daughter. While incarcerated I was often housed with homosexual men because it was known to the prison officials that I was heterosexual. 

I would often exchange stories with these men about why we did the  things we did to end up in prison.  The causes of incest are well documented at my web site but to understand those who choose to become homosexual we must listen to their stories. 

All my homosexual cellmates had one of two stories. Most commonly was the childhood sexual abuse story that caused so much trauma that they turn homosexual to avoid the trauma of sexuality with women. The other story and only one man reported this was his first exposure to sexual gratification came from masturbating in groups with other boys.

Why I like the Star Trek 2009 movie:

Meeting Kirk before he went to Star Fleet Academy shows where his shoot first ask questions later attitude came from. Meeting Uhura and Spock at the point their romance began explains the flirtation of the original series episodes. (Charlie X) This reboot because if created a different time line allows J. J. Abrams to change the stories so he does not have to repeat them. After all Kahn Noonian Singh and his band of improved humans left long before the incidents of Star Trek 2009 that explains why he brought Kahn into the story line of the 2013 Star Trek into Darkness.

It also explains where in the isolation of Delta Vega that Scotty being bored studied to become the Miracle Worker Chief Engineer he later became. 


Remember the laptop that I bought from it not only had hardware above what was ordered but

It was fully updated with Windows Media Player 11, Internet Explorer 8, and had additional software that I use on my desktop system like Videolan's VLC Video Player, Microsoft Security Essentials, IObit's Uninstaller and Googles Chrome web browser. 

I bought a laptop from Laptop Experience for $105 and got much more value than the price they charged.

The E-bay listing was for a Dell C500 Laptop with Windows XP. 512M of RAM, an 40M HD and a CD Rom drive. That was what I expected to receive and planned to buy a RAM upgrade when it arrived. 

It did not have 512M. It came with a Gigabyte of RAM The hard disk was 40G as advertised but the CD ROM drive was not. It was DVD R/W drive. I'm writing this on my Dell Inspiron 531 1600GHz desktop computer. The laptop seems to be faster. This machine registers 100% processor use when butning DVD's with Video Converter Program. The laptop only shows 80% with the same program and process.

This machine was listed as haging wireless capability. It has that but that is not the only networking system available. It has fast ethernet as I expected it would have. but it also has blue tooth and IEEE 1394 Firewire networking. The Bluetooth is great for downloading and printing pictures from my cell phone. 

So to be blunt I would not hesitate to buy a refurbished laptop from Laptop Experience. They sold me a better machine than the price and the listing lead to belive I was getting.

In Star Trek (2009) the Romulan ship's weapons seem to go right through the ship's shields. Here is why:

Whne Mr Spock (Nimoy's character) explained to Cadet Kirk what had happened he said 129 years in the future a star went supernova. So the Romulan ship's weapons were 129 years more advanced than the Enterprise shields.

In the American War Between the States (The Civil War to you Yankees) the battle of the Iron Clads took place in March 1862. Both ships pounded each other with the artilery of that time and neither could gain an advantage. Now before WWII the United States built four Iowa class Battle Ships. The guns had 16 inch caliber and the projectile weighed over a ton and hit at over 2000 feet per second speed.

How would either ironclad ship stand up to the weapons of WWII which took place only 77 years after the Civil War?

So how can you expect the Enterprise to stand up to weapons more than 129 years more advance that its sheilds? The shields of the Enterprise were perfectly adequate to fight the Romulan or Klingon weapons of that era but not the ones from 129 years in the future.


How the lie that 85% of sex offenders re-offend got started.

There was a study conducted specifically with serial sex offenders. The study used offenders that had 2 or more sexual offenses within a few free years. That means if they re-offend within a year or two of their release they could be included in the study.

The problem is that a very large majority of sex offenders don't re-offend. Some studies are so in love with the study of those who re-offended within a year or two that if their data gives them a lower rate than 85% they say many sexual offenses go unreported. In this day of compulsory reporters there are very few sexual offenses that go unreported. In my own case my victim was certain her school counselor would not report the abuse because it was over four years in the past that she told her figuring nothing would happen. 

The counselor did what she had to do to comply with the laws of Iowa and reported the information. I was separated from the family I loved. Investigated. Arrested, Incarcerated and now live in the country because I cannot live within 1500 feet of any school or day care in this state. 

With instant background checks I cannot find work. I am an experienced and certified computer technician with networking experience and I cannot find work.


I am working on a new page for Recidivism of Sex Offender since the one linked to was no longer available.

I am gathering studies from the Internet and the Wrold Wide Web about the secidivism of sex offenders to include in the new page. If you have any that you know about please send me the URL so it can be included. 

If you think Sex Offender Registration is protecting your children, learn the truth:

This is the newsbreak currently available at

RT Beware of She tried to take me for $1350. Click to find out how so you can be aware.

She sent me a check from a third party for the amount of $3000. I called the bank and they admited the name on the check was a client of the bank. So I deposited the check. A few days later it showed up on the account. Being cautious I elected to wait at least five days after it arrived in my account to send her the $1350 she had requested so she could fly to the states to try to start a modeling career. Three days aftter it showed up in my account it was deleted by the bank because it bounced.  So beware Greeks bearing gifts. There was also a small ($7.50) charge from the bank for the return of the deposit. So while she did not rip me off for the $1350 she did cause me a small loss.