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Finding lots of material on line about how sex offenders are not all predators nor are all child molesters pedophiles. I made a terrible mistake years ago. I recognize the harm I did to the victim who I still love. Wish it had never happened. But if this is a Christian Nation as many on the Right claim, where is the forgiveness of sin that Jesus talked about? I've studied the Bible. Have certificates numbering over a hundred for completed Bible studies.

The point of Scripture is that  God always tenders mercy with his justice. Should not American justice to the same? There is no mercy for any sex offender. We carry the label from our mistake for the rest of our life. I know I did wrong. I don't need to be labeled "Sex Offender" to remind me. The loss of everyone I've ever loved is more than enough to keep it in mind.

People may not think we deserve mercy. But as a victim of abuse tweeted today "Until you hit bottom, it's impossible to look up to the stars instead of looking down for counseling." ; the same can be said for those her perpatrate the violence of childhood sexual abuse. I had to realize how badly my victim was damaged before I could look up to God and receive his forgiveness. Too bad society doesn't see it that way. One woman seeking a nonjudgmental man called me a sick monster upon finding out about my status as a sex offender.  So she judges while judging. Do. you?