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How sex offender legislation violates the 14 amendment.

The food stamp program is a program meant to protect the poor of the country from starving to death because they cannot afford food. The housing subsidies is a program meant to protect the poor of the country from freezing to death because they connot afford housing.

Recently a congressman with a history of scandals involving his use of prositutes added amemdments to the farm and housing bills excluding sex offenders from these support programs. Under the 14th Amendment of the contitution all the people of the United States are to receive equal protection of the law. This is not the case under the new farm and housing bills and the residential restrictions placed on sex offenders. 

Putting restrictions on where sex offenders can live moves them out of town. That puts them under the protection of the county sherrif and not the city or town police. Now I know the sherrifs do a wonderful job of enforcing the laws in the rural areas but they have a slow response to trouble calls because of small staffs for the area they cover. So if a sex offender living in rural area calls because of a home invasion he may be killed before the police can get to his residence. Thus he suffers a lack of protection from those who believe sex offenders with child victims should be killed. So this violates his rights under the 14th amemdment as it is written.

What is wrong with the Christian Church today.

For more than a year I have been attending church at Marianna Baptist Church on Mississippi Highway 309. Today I was told not to return as some in that congregation do not want a sex offender in the congregation. Rather than create a split in the church I will comply. 

At one time people were Bible literate enough to understand that God's Grace covers all sins except one. Click here to find out what one.

Once one has repented they understood God's grace covered that sin and God could transform the person. Click here to find out.

Apparently people today have completely forgotten what Jesus taught about judgment. 

 1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Matthew 7:1-3

But now they have judged me unjustly and now I have no church home.

It's Thanksgiving Day. Here is what I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my brother's widow allowing me to stay at their house. I am thankful for for hosting my website. I am thankful for church friends who took me to Southaven to pick up supplies since our car is not operable. I am thankful for the church that loves me unconditionally even though they know my history.

According to most incest authorities incest runs through multiple generations of a family.

 I firmly believe my wife was sexually abused by her father with oral sex which later advanced to intercourse. She claimed to be a virgin but had no hymen when we consummated our marriage. According to Jan Frank M. S. author of A Door of Hope a woman with more than four of the fifteen symptoms she listed in that volume is an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. From her list my wife displayed no less than eight.
* a controlling personality 
* excessive jealousy 
* anger without reason 
* mistrust 
* sexually cutting off a spouse without telling them 
* obesity
* expecting perfection in the spouse 
* extremely negative response to certain scents

Why Obama was to blame for the government shutdown.

The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare was passed it was known it was unpopular with the people. So this fall the House voted to defund it. Then the Senate did not even take a vote on the Contueing Resolution that the House sent over but introdued a CR of their own with funding for Obamacare. This should not be the way to run the country. 

Then the House see how Obama had ordered the closure of National Parks and WWII memorial passed CR for that but again the Senate did not vote on it they simply rejected it. 

Obama says he will sit an negociate it. But he has also said he will not negociate Obamacare. He will not negociate over the shutdown. He will not vote over the raising of the debt limit.  He also called the Speaker of Senate and told him not to pass the partial reopening of the government. So it appears that Obama is controlling the Senate and thus is responsibale for the problems we are having. Now he says he will sit and listen and negociate with the House but it will not negociate these things what can they negociate? These are important. 

We have not had a budget for over three years. The House writes one. The Senate does not take it to the floor for a vote. So the spending is out of control and while he says it is going down that is not as important because it is still increasing the debt.

I am 61 with Rheumatoid Arthritis and no health insurance. But I don't want Obamacare. Here is why?

The program is meant to be supported by fines from people who do not buy insurance. I don't have a job. Haven't had one in over two years. Can't get a job because of a felony I commited 12 years ago. I am without prescriptions to treat my arthritis but only make about $2000 a year. They expect me to buy insurance and pay for it and receive my subsidy in a tax refund. Since my wife paid no bills after our separation she destroyed by credit rating long before I got out of prison. So I would have to buy it with credit with an interest rate that rounds to 25%. The subsidy may pay for the insurance but they won't pay the interest. 

A Lesbian couple in Hernando MS was married in CA and want MS to recognize their marriage so they can divorce.

Back in the 1990's a gay couple who had been married in MA but lived in Iowa went to court to get a divorce. Within a couple years a judge used that recognition to say that since Iowa had recognized that marriage for purposes of divorce that meant Iowa had to recognize the right of same sex couples to marry. 

The courts in MS should refuse this case because once the precident is set the right of marriage will become available to gay couples.This is judicial activism but has become increasingly common in today's world. Roe v. Wade was one like this that started at a state level and went nationwide.

Obama's lies about about Obamacare.

Obama told us if we liked our current insurance plan we could keep it. This is not so. UPS has dropped the "family plan"  because Obamacare requires them to keep insurance on their workers but not their families.

Many firms are cutting their full time (40 hours/week) workers to 30 hours a week or less so they do not have to provide them with insurance. 

Obama told us we could keep our doctor if we wanted to. This too is not so. If you buy an exchange plan and your doctor is not in your plan then you can't keep him and the lowest cost programs have the smallest group of doctors in the plan. 

Obama told us insurance rates would drop with Obamacare. This too is not so. Covering people with pre-existing conditions causes more medical care to be done. An increase in the damand for medical care with a static number of providers of medicine will cause prices to rise. It is The Law of Supply and Demand. This is a natural law of capitalism. 

Why Stratacache owes me $690 for work I did at Mc Donald's in Greenwood MS.

The deal was $60/hour for up to 2 hours. But the people who were suppose to help me on the phone refused to give me a release code until everything that could be done was done. The job was to replace two HDMI cables between the menu boards and three RS-232 cables between the TV's and the media player computers. The manager threw out my paperwork and one of the RS-232 to USB adapters. It took longer than 2 hours to replace the HDMI cables because the cables were twisted around each other. The RS-232 cables were replaced but then the menu boards went blank. 

The blank displays were caused by a bad video display cable. Other problems discovered were a lack of contact from the outside by the support personell. This was minor compared to the blank displays. It took until 1:30AM to trace out all the problems and the two hours they set for it was without seeing it. I was there I know what a messy installation is . Now they want me to go back for free and fix more stuff. No way I'm doing it without them admitting they owe me more than the $120 they want to two trips of 236 miles round trip and 11.5 hours on site working. 


Why I believe the Bible is the word of the One True God.

The Bible is only holy book that contains prophecy in the early books that is fulfilled in later books. In one case the name of a king of Babylon is listed before that king was even born.  There are also observations of the universe that were unknown to man when the books were written. Job is often listed as being written before Genesis but it has observations that could not be known to man at that time in history. Who else but the creator God of the universe could have inspired the writers to put those words on the paper?