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When I was in Prison.

While I was in prison I was subject to the theft of many items. This included three separate Walkman radios which are required to hear TV in some Iowa Prisons. Three sets of Koss CL5 head phones and one set of Koss CL 20's. Later at Mt. Pleasant other inmates stole the arch supports from my sneakers, my hemorrhoid cream, Denture adhesive, Denture cleaning tablets and later the Dentures themselves and my AM/FM Stereo Cassette and CD boombox.  With all these theft and the fact that no warrant is required to search an inmate's cell you'd think something would have been found and returned.  But the fact is no searches were made and nothing was ever returned to me.

Why did they steal from me. Simple: The mistaken idea that every child molester is a pedophile and pedophiles don't deserve to keep anything. All this happened in Iowa's State Prison System.

And yes all the items listed were purchased by me using money I earned in prison or had sent from outside accounts that were mine.