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They say they are protecting children.

Rules that do not allow sex offenders to have gainful employment leave the sex offender isolated and without hope. In this state he is more dangerous instead of less dangerous. Give him something to keep his mind off his past and he'll show loyalty you won't see in other workers.  Job Placement Services that will not represent the sex offender are actually increasing the possibility that a sex offender will re offend because he has nothing to lose.

No sex offender want to re-offend. We want to work. We need supportive friends who can see past our past offenses. We are not just a penis and a pair of testicles, we are human beings like other humans who need and often receive human contact and conversation. We need to work as it directs a good part of our day. It gives us a place to challenge our energy in a constructive manner instead of the destructive way we did before.

Dating sites say they are removing sex offenders to be sure nobody gets hurt. I've been rejected by most every woman I contacted on Plenty of Fish. But the ones that left it opened by not replying and those who replied "Let's talk" at least gave me a possibility of hope and a healthy relationship. Now even that is gone.