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Things I did that should have convinced her that I did love her.

  1. Learned to build furniture to serve as storage for things she wanted to keep that I did not want to keep
  2. Learned to fix the plumbing when she said we couldn't afford a plumber.
  3. Went to sleep with my arms around her after she said no to sex.
  4. When she got a flat tire or her car failed her she didn't call a tow truck, she called me and I fixed it.
  5. When she cut her cooking to box suppers and dared me to do better I started cooking and the kids liked my cooking from scratch more than her blank helper suppers.
  6. Even though she accused me of many affairs I never had I never accused her of any infidelity.
  7. I always had her drive the newer of our two cars.
  8. I always dug her car out first when snows hit our Iowa land.
  9. When our daughter broke her wrist roller skating I took her to the clinic. My wife proved she loved money by not calling my employer to tell them I would be late, but she came to the clinic to be sure I got to work on time.
  10. When she refused to fight fair by trumping my argument with some false affair accusation I did not call her down for it.
  11. When she wrecked her 67 Chevy and the cop called tow truck because he could not get it into gear I did not call her down when I got there and found I could put it in gear and drive it.
  12. I did not seek a divorce the many times I realized she had lied to me the many times I came to those realization.