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An Entry from Dr. Mc Coy's Log: From the Paradise Syndrome

When we found Captain Kirk had married Maramonee when we beamed back down to the asteroid deflector on the planets surface and she had injuries from the natives trying to stone her and the Captain because he was not a God I was torn between my desire to heal her and the Starfleet's Prime Directive. These people had a primitive existance like the Plains Indians of North America before the coming of Europeans and had no knowledge of space flight. Therefore it would have been a violation of the Prime Directive to beam her to the ship and heal her internal injuries.

I really wish I could have healed her so Jim would have his wife. For him to lose her after two months of exquisite happiness as the medicine chief of these people.  But Prime Directive conflicted with my oath to heal all ills. 

Still the impact of repairing her injuries and returning her and Kirk to the village would have changed their world. They have he right to evolve their society naturally without us going down and declaring ourselves to be God. There is only one God and while their religion is pagan they will have to discover it from someone else.