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When you say the Lord's Prayer

Two lines in the Lord's Prayer say,"Forgive us our trespass, as we forgive those who trespass against us" so look at what it says. If we forgive other people their trespasses then God will forgive us. If we do not forgive other people their trespasses then God will not forgive us our trespasses. Where will we go for eternity if God does not forgive our trespasses? Any unforgiven sin will send us to hell. 

Go to to discover one sin Jesus said God would not forgive.

An Entry from Dr. Mc Coy's Log: From the Paradise Syndrome

When we found Captain Kirk had married Maramonee when we beamed back down to the asteroid deflector on the planets surface and she had injuries from the natives trying to stone her and the Captain because he was not a God I was torn between my desire to heal her and the Starfleet's Prime Directive. These people had a primitive existance like the Plains Indians of North America before the coming of Europeans and had no knowledge of space flight. Therefore it would have been a violation of the Prime Directive to beam her to the ship and heal her internal injuries.

I really wish I could have healed her so Jim would have his wife. For him to lose her after two months of exquisite happiness as the medicine chief of these people.  But Prime Directive conflicted with my oath to heal all ills. 

Still the impact of repairing her injuries and returning her and Kirk to the village would have changed their world. They have he right to evolve their society naturally without us going down and declaring ourselves to be God. There is only one God and while their religion is pagan they will have to discover it from someone else.


About Star Trek 2009

A lot of people were dismayed by the apparent love affair between Uhura and Spock. I've been watching Star Trek the Original series since it first hit the air. If you look at CharlieX the flirtation between Uhura and Spock was present in the original series so I'm not dismayed by it at all.

Retweet this:What do you do when your wife refuses to make love.

I know I did wrong when I abused my very willing daughter. But I am curious as to what others will say to this conundrum.

I will not reveal the names of any respondents without their permission. I will only extract answers in summary form and for statistics.

One reason my crime of incest happened was that my wife refused to make love with me

so my victim/daughter, to rescue me from my unhappiness, tried to seduce me by asking me to "rub her down there."  When Iowa's Polk County DHS told my wife that if I admitted what I did I would not go to prison it was a lie. The program they wanted to put my family in would have reunited the family and I would not have had a conviction on my record, but the records of my admissions of abusing her would have been subpoenaed by Blackhawk County and used to convict me.

I learned of this directly from the director of the Intra Family Sexual Abuse Treatment program who I called before my arrest.

The fact that treatment materials from a psychologist would be subject to subpoena discouraged me from going to the program.

Conditions in my brother's home

Yesterday I was watching TV and having lunch when I noticed a mouse sitting on a small pile next to the sofa that holds the worn out computer printers my brother wants me to fix. He retreated behind the trashcan and then climbed the lampcord into the trash can. When I went to pull the drawstring bag out of the trash can he buried himself under the trash. So I carried him out of the house in the bag and dumped him in the large trash bin near the street.


All the cats that run around and over the house can't keep the furry little rodents's out. No one should be force to cohabit with mice. But being a sex offender forces me to stay in this rural residence.


New Link at":a video from MTV

This new link goes to the Real Life episode called "I Am A Sex Offender." from MTV. This shows how many "normal" activities can lead young people to real life trouble. The men depicted here are not predators. Neither are fathers who end up listed when their wife and daughter build a dynamic that results in incest. I know what I did was wrong. I don't need to be constantly reminded of what I did so many years ago.

New Link at my web site.

I just linked my homepage to an article from "Penthouse" that tells the big lie of the positive effects of incest.

About Adam Ginsburg's Instant Store Builder Business Model/

Attended a Webinar from Adam Ginsburg on Niche shopping sites Problem is

I built my website originally with Pagebreeze and it comes with RoboShopper which can shop local or nationwide via Internet and obsoletes all the niche shopping sites. I tell it what to look for locally or on the web and it finds it with price comparisons.