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Today I sent out two envelopes.

The first one is my first post release payment on what Iowa says I owe them to pay for the lawyer who failed to represent my interest at my sentencing hearing by not challenging my wife when she said,"He destroyed my dream of having a large family." when she'd been on the pill through the whole marriage except for 2 years and only made love to her husband 6 times after the birth of her daughter.

The second one was to DHS in Iowa asking them to investigate my claim that Kathi was a childhood sexual abuse victim and has Borderline Personality disorder as a result. She is very likely incompetent as a result.

We see signs in stands at football games that read "John 3:16"

Joh 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

We are not saved by works. We are only saved by faith.t

Mothers, Please do not do this:

By the time my daughter starting walking on her own my wife decided my Grandmother's rocker was her chair and she would while away the hours sitting there watching TV. I sat on a 3 wide sofa so you know where the kids would sit!

So I've got this wriggly little child climbing up to sit with her Daddy every day and night. She often sat on my lap. This was not arousing for me. But when she started to imitate the "Movie Kisses" she saw on her mother's soap operas that changed the dynamic. As she grew and got bigger she realized her mother was not approachable but Daddy was.

Mommy was also saying "No" to Daddy night after night for more than a thousand consecutive nights. At first it was, "I have a headache." or "I'm too tired" then later it was just "No!"  When I pushed she claimed all the affairs she accused me of were real and therefore I must have HIV/AIDS.

While all this contributed to the likelihood that incest would occur, I ,and I alone, am responsible for what I did. I pray daily for my ex-wife that she understand that her rejection of her daughter and husband contributed to the probability that incest would happen.

Fact: I was and am HIV negative. HIV testing is mandatory for sex offenders in Iowa. The victims are informed if there is a positive test. Of course, a positive test would also trigger a treatment regimen and antiviral therapy.  My drugs were Loratadine (generic Claritin) for allergies, and Aspirin to reduce the likelihood of a heart attack.


Things I did that should have convinced her that I did love her.

  1. Learned to build furniture to serve as storage for things she wanted to keep that I did not want to keep
  2. Learned to fix the plumbing when she said we couldn't afford a plumber.
  3. Went to sleep with my arms around her after she said no to sex.
  4. When she got a flat tire or her car failed her she didn't call a tow truck, she called me and I fixed it.
  5. When she cut her cooking to box suppers and dared me to do better I started cooking and the kids liked my cooking from scratch more than her blank helper suppers.
  6. Even though she accused me of many affairs I never had I never accused her of any infidelity.
  7. I always had her drive the newer of our two cars.
  8. I always dug her car out first when snows hit our Iowa land.
  9. When our daughter broke her wrist roller skating I took her to the clinic. My wife proved she loved money by not calling my employer to tell them I would be late, but she came to the clinic to be sure I got to work on time.
  10. When she refused to fight fair by trumping my argument with some false affair accusation I did not call her down for it.
  11. When she wrecked her 67 Chevy and the cop called tow truck because he could not get it into gear I did not call her down when I got there and found I could put it in gear and drive it.
  12. I did not seek a divorce the many times I realized she had lied to me the many times I came to those realization.








What I believe.

I believe Jesus died to save me from my sins. I believe that includes using the Holy Spirit that Christ gave me to resist temptation as I did for the 4 years between my last abuse of my victim to my arrest. I will never again victimize another child as did before.  This is not because of any greatness of my own but by God working in me. Give him the Glory.

The times I thought of leaving my wife but did not leave because I loved her.

  1. When she was not the virgin she claimed to be
  2. When she bit me in the throws of her transitional labor with my son
  3. When she claimed I was having affairs with Charles Jr.'s babysitter.
  4. When she said she was going to be doing all the checkbook to statement reconciliation from now on.
  5. When she said she could not read my writing and so I should not write in the check register.
  6. When she said she could not read my printing in the check register. (Can't record in register, can't write checks)
  7. When she bit me in the throws of her transitional labor with my daughter.
  8. When she told me she did not want any more of my children.
  9. When she told me it was over if I put my inheritance from my mother's estate in my own account instead of the joint one she controlled.
  10. When she told me she had no sin to be forgiven for.(The Bible says we are all sinners)
  11. When she told me she would not come to visit me when my daughter (who had a restraining order against me after the report went in) was at camp.
  12. Once I was in jail and she declared she wanted a divorce I did give her one. Previous questioning over she wanted a divorce at the previous times was always a negative.

If you want to face evil. Face my ex-wife. Saying "I love you" daily. "No!" nightly. and

Being controlling so I did not know who I owed or how much. Refusing her son's desire to play High School football which sabotaged his chance to play much in his Senior Year when he finally talked her into letting him play. She constantly accused me of affairs with all my son's and daughter's baby sitters and many waitresses at restaurants where she demanded I take her! She refused to cook so when I started cooking and the kids liked it better than the Box Suppers she had been making she became jealous! She also rejected her cleft lipped daughter which bound to too tightly to her father. Want to know more about this abusive woman? Click here.

If you want to face evil face my ex-wife. Saying "I love you" daily and "NO!" nightly.

Want to know what can drive a man to incest?

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When you die

God will not care what team you followed or how much money you made or how much you gave to charity, or how often you went to church, or what church you went to, He will only care how you answer: Do you know my Son?