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When you take your profile off the dating sites.

They don't like to let you go. They immediately reroute you into another dating site. Last night I finally took my profile off one of those dating sites where most of the women are so poor they pose for pictures with no clothes. LOL. Last night the one I deleted my profile on took me to a speed dating site. Find our everything you need to know about a person before dating in only 4 minutes. Now I'll be honest. I'm not an expert in dating, But when they say Diana is online and I type in "Hi Diana, I'm Charlie." The other person should at least say "Hi" but 4 our of 5 said absolutely nothing. So why bother going to that site?

I'm on Plenty of Fish. That may be where I stay. I wanted to be on ChristiansMingle but something about my E-mail is not compatible with their login system. So I couldn't log in again after putting in a profile. I do believe Jesus and am trying to live my life according to the Bible but I see many who miss his command that we are to love one another. If it wasn't important why is it written all through the book?

So I'm looking for a single female. No kids in the house. No more kids wanted. (Because I'm a sex offender with a minor victim, most states won't let me stay with my wife if we have children!) The woman must be 35 to 61 no taller than 5' 9" and must be in compliance with the sex offender restrictions of the state we reside in. I'm flexible on where we will live though I'd like to stay in the mid south area.