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Who is going to hell according to the Scriptures.

Re 21:8  But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

@davidmmarshall @wabenews @southerncenter If a person is being supported by the tax payers don't the tax payers have the

that the subsidy they are sending these people is NOT being used on drugs?

Why residential restrictions on Sex Offenders won't stop them from re-offending if they want to.

Many states have restrictions on where sex offenders can live. These make some people feel safer in their own neighborhoods. But if a sex offender wants to re-offend there is nothing that stops him from walking or driving to an area where he can find his victims. Fact is 95% of sex offenses are commited by people not on the registry. Still think you are safer with these restrictions? The best way to keep a sex offender from your children is to engage him in conversation and telling him you want him to know you will protect your kids. If he knows that, the implied threat is sufficient.. You need not explicitly say anything.else.

Sex Offenders without jobs and without friends can become socially isolated and desparate. If they become desparate they are more likely to reoffend.If they have jobs and friends they are much less likely to think they have nothing to lose and much less likely to reoffend.

Learn why all men must come to God in faith

 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
17  For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.
18  For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

I have a cell phone but cannot afford service right now. But the phone is still quite useful for many things.

For instance:

The phone has a calculator that I can use to balance my check book after making a purchase. It also has a stop watch that I use when an e-mail comes in asking me to watch a 3 minute video that turns out to be much longer. I use its Countdown timer function to time cooking when I make lunch or supper. And it has an alarm clock that can wake the dead so it gets be up in the morning.

I gets it's time from a nearby cell tower and it is only phone that has any bars here at the house.

Even if I can afford service I'm not sure they'll let me activate this old phone. I bought it in 2001 before GPS became mandatory on cell phones. Still hopefully they'll let me activate it when the time comes because more high tech phones have more emphasis on bells and whistles and less on receiver sensativity.

Just found a note in a folder I had in prison it says:

Dear Charles,

     You sound like a deep seeker and very serious Christian and I am glad that you are looking for the best you can do in prison. Both of the enclosed books are about men who took their prison time seriously, and really used it for God. I hope their stories help.


(Human Kindness Foundation)

What I did during the 9 months and 3 months I was incarcerated in Iowa.

I spent my time from January 30, 2003 to August 4, 2011 taking bible studies. The time from May 8, 2002 to January 30, 2003 was in the Blackhawk County Jail.and had no Bible Studies there. Here's the list:

Gospel Echoes Team - Home Bible School

God's Great Love

Growing in the Christian Life

Showing your Christian Life

Growing Toward Maturity

The Christian Way In Marriage

Growing Through Bible Study

Good News about Jesus

The Acts of the Apostles

Prison Fellowship Ministries at Iowa Medical and Classification Center

Self Image and Anger

A Heart for God

Gospel Express Evangelistic Team

The Gavel Falls

The Desertion Explained

The Self Offered

The Sentence Lifted

The Chain Broken

Crossroad Bible Institute

Great Truths of the Bible

Ten Men You Should Know

In God We Trust

Sermon on the Mount

Bible Interpretation

Biblical Truths In-Depth

Christian Worldview I

Christian Worldview II

American Bible Academy

The Gospel According to John

Christian Doctrine Volume One

Christian Doctrine Volume Two

Gospel of Mark

Galatians and Philipians

Anamosa State Penitentiary

Anger Management

Sex Offender Counseling

Tabernacle School of the Bible

One course

Salvation Army - First Series Courses

The Life of Christ

The Christian's Life

The Early Church

Early Beginnings

History; of a Nation

Survey Course

Rock of Ages - Prison Ministry

That Ye May Know















First Corinthians

Second Corinthians





First and Second Thessilonians

First and Second Timothy

Titus and Philemon



John's Epistles

Jude and Revelation


Song of Solomon

Psalms 1-50

Psalms 51-100

Psalms 101-150



Victorious Living

Beauty for Ashes

Born a Slave

That others May know



Salvation Army  - Second Series Courses

Advent of the Christ

Footsteps to Calvary

The Priesthood of all Believers

Tabernacle types and teachings

The Brief Study of Psalms

Crusader's Club International

Correspondence Bible Course #1 John

The Christian Walk

Christ Prison Fellowship

Correspondence Course

There is a Better Way

Pathway to A Better Life

Jesus by John

Iowa's Southwestern Community College

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typng

Emmaus Prison Ministries - Emmaus Correspondence Schools

Born to Win

Greatest Man Alive

Men Who Met the Master

God is There

One God, One Way

Journey Through the Bible

Daily Time with Jesus

Lessons for Christian Living

guide to Christian Living

Guide to Christian Growth

I'll Take The High Road

Gospel of John




Gospel of Luke

Book of Acts

The Holy Spirit at Work

The First Letter to the Corinthians

Perfect Person, Perfect Work

The Thessalonians' Epistles

Epistles to Ephesians

Timothy and Titus

Book of Acts

The Holy Spirit at Work

Philipians, Colosians and Philemons

2 Corinthians

Gospel of Mark

Gospel of Matthew

Buried by Baptism

The Bible - What's in it for You

Minor Prophets

Rightly Binding The Word of Truth

Epistles of 2 Peter and Jude

The Lord's Supper

Bible Prophesy

Basic Bible Doctrine

The Christian Life

Alternative to Violence Program

Basic Workshop

Advanced Workshop on Anger

Training for Faciltators

Advanced Workshop on Communicatons

Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry

Fundamentals of the Faith

Iowa's Southeastern Community College

Microsoft Office 2003 Word Basic and Intermediate

Microsoft Office 2003 PowerPoint Basic

Microsoft Office 2003 Excel Basic and Intermediate

Microsoft Office 2007 Word Basic and Intermediate

Microsoft Office 2007 Power Point Basic

Microsoft Office 2007 Excel Basic and Intermediate

Voice of Victory

The Basic Doctrine Bible Study

Gospel Express Evangelistic Team - The Touch of his Hand

The Touch of his Hand

The One Who Touches Us

Our Life Together

Bible Correspondence Course

Jesus the Way

Jesus by John

Into All the World

Prisoner's Friend Ministries

Walk With me Through the Word

First Corinthian Commentary

The Every Day Christian

Study of Hebrews

Course on Ephesians

Marriage is an empty box.

If you have an empty box and you fill it with love you should be able to come back and get the love out of the box. But if your partner takes out all the love and refills the box with bitterness anger and wrath when you come back to the box you don't get what you thought you had a right to expect.

Got up this morning. Had breakfast. Tried to login to the web and got nothing!

This laptop has some issues. The fan is intermittent.  The touch pad disable button is broken. These things I can work around or do without but my work assignments come through the web. So I investigated. My brother had disconnected the modem from the network router and plugged it directly into his PC.

Since his printer is connected to the router he was giving up printing for the ability to shut me out. We will talk about this later.. When he gets up around eleven.

Obviously I reconnected his PC to the network and the modem to the router so I could get on line today.

A proposal in Kansas will isolate sex offenders to rural areas where they will

likely reoffend or become homeless if they do not have family that will accept them as I have that live out in the boonies. Here's a mailing list of the members of the Kansas house. Please E-mail them to stop these popular but non-functional laws. If you think this will protect kids go to my web site and learn the truth.



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