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Why this white man attends worship in a "black "church.

I was attending Marianna Baptist church, a "white" congregation" for about 18 months when I was told,"We have children here and we do not want a sex offender in this church. So the next Sunday I went to the end of MS30 made a left onto Us 4 and went to chulahoma Missionary Baptist Church and worshipped with that "blcack" congregation. Pastor preached the sermon from the Holyh Scriptures and after a month I approached the minister after worship and told him I was a sex offender. He welcomed me to the congrgation and told me there was no reason to stop coming. If churckes are hispitals for sinners, then every church should welcome everyone seeking to know God.

Dear Hillary Clinton,

I am disgusted by you and your campaign. Leaving the White House you said you were "dead broke." That was a lie. You have deleted over 30,000 emails after getting a subpoena from the United States Congress. That is illegal. You lied to Congress when you stated you never sent any classified documents. American service men have gone to prison for far less. And you have bragged about wanting open borders in private speeches while saying something different in public settings. Do you have no shame? Enough is enough. Hillary, I am committed to making sure that you don't just lose -- but that you lose by so much that it's embarrassing. Because your life is one of scandal, corruption and crooked 'leadership' (if you can even call it that.) And I will not stand by and watch you ruin our country. . Sincerely, Charles E. Higgins

Obama has done blacks no good.

On a recent episode of “Hannity,” he focused his comments strictly on President Obama. Fox News Insider reports that Sheriff Clarke feels that Obama is “enjoying this”: “He’s built a career off of dividing people. Creating divisions, stoking animosity, the rich versus the poor, the one percent, tax the rich, the war on women…It’s been very destructive for America.” Clarke followed his comments by saying that Obama has a “general disdain for the American police officer.” He also acknowledged that the best way to create change in American is to begin with our politicians. Clarke asserted that he thinks a change needs to happen in Baltimore and that it should start with the politics in the city.“Nothing’s gotten better,” he said. “…The failed liberal Democrat policies0 have kept people mired in misery in the American ghetto.” “…All these failed liberal government policies have done is mired black people in generational poverty, kept their kids in failing schools, chronically unemployed, they can’t find meaningful work [and] having to live in crime infested neighborhoods.” Clarke said that blacks have been left behind by Obama’s economic policies. Clarke also weighed in on the accusation that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered police officers to stand down and not confront the looters and rioters in the city Monday night. “That is a dereliction of duty, she abandoned her police officers, she put them in harm’s way with \ no way to defend themselves. I find that unfathomable, I find it unconscionable that she would do such a thing…She left them high and dry.”

Why this white man attends a black church.

I started going to the predominatly white church closest to my home. That was Marianna Baptist Church but after almost a year in that church our car broke down requiring us to find another ride. The man, who claimed to be a friend asked about details of my criminal case. Including how old the victim was when the abuse started. I was honest with him. But the next Sunday the pastor called me into his office after the service and told me I was no longer welcome in that church. So a couple of Sunday's later I went further down the road took a left and went to Chulahoma Missionary Baptist Church. After a couple of weeks I told the pastor of my criminal past and the fact that I was a sex offender. He did not tell me not to return. He told me I was welcome tp join the church. I was baptised in the church a couple of weeks later and am accepted by the people of the church. Recnetly my brother's widow joined me in going to this church.'

Three lies my wife told me on our first date.

1) I'm a virgin. 2) I want ten to twelve children. 3) I'm a Bible Believing Christian. How did I find out she lied. 1)Virgins bleed when penetrated. She did not. 2)We only had 2 kids. She cut me off of sex after the second one. 3)The Bible says a wife is to be subject to her husband. She had a controlling personality. The Bible says in 1 Corinthans 7:5 that it is a sin to cutoff a spouse. But she did that.

Why I won't ever buy a car from Lander's again.

I won't buy another car from Landers because I bought a 2014 Ford Fiesta allegedly for $7880. But when we got the loan the principal was $15,000~ They claimed they were "giving" us another 36000 imiles of Warrenty coverage but obviously it was an excuse to run up the price. When I pointed out the $15,000 on the financing paperwork they said "Don't worry about that."

Why Hillary Clinton is unfit to serve as President of the United States.

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she was the head of the State Department and all the Embassies and Consolents. When our Ambassabor to Lybia was kidnapped by terrorist she was his boss. Navy seals were asking to be \ permitted to go to the aid of our Ambassador and other embassy staff but she did not ask the President to send them in. The murder of Vince Foster was never solved. I remember the stories that went around at that time. That Vince Foster had been having an affair with Hillary and the president ordered the hit. If she gets a call at 2AM about Americans in trouble would you want her to respond as she did during the Benghazi incident?

-why my daughter offered to have sex with me.

My wife cut me off. This caused fights which my wife damanded occur in the kitchen which allowed both our children to hear. So my daughter knew my wife was not having sex with me. She knew sexual contact felt good from the application of Vaseline to her vulva when she came home from church with that body part bright red because there was no toilet paper in the chuch nursery bathroom. She knew it would reduce the fights if she had sex with me.

If you want to lay off hundreds of hard working Americans Vote for Hillary

Charles, Just when I thought she couldn't be anymore unqualified, Hillary Clinton brags about destroying coal country. What kind of presidential candidate brags about putting hard working Americans out of business? Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton said out loud what the national democrat party has been trying to do quietly for the past 8 years. She vows to finish Barack Obama's war on coal and Kentucky. I won't let her do it. I am running to fight for Kentucky and to stop the democrats from killing more coal jobs. Stand with me to end the war on coal by donating today The problem with liberals like Hillary and President Obama, is that they want to abuse the authority of the executive branch to choose winners and losers in business. They will regulate a business straight out of business if it benefits their agenda somehow - and that's what they're doing to coal. Through executive order and through the EPA, our coal industry has faced a major onslaught of regulation that has burdened the business incredibly. This has not only been a war against one of Kentucky's leading industries -- it has literally been a war on jobs. Ten thousand workers have lost their jobs because of President Obama's malicious disregard for American workers. Hillary thinks this is all A-okay? She wants to continue those plans? That's incredible. Really, it's madness. I have seen the look on the faces of hard working people in this country, who very much want to work, who are being laid off because of President Obama's war on coal. I’ve personally witnessed the harmful effects of these disastrous, abusive regulations. That anyone would so proudly pledge to continue these mistakes is just shocking. I have fought to stop his war on coal at every turn, and let me tell you... if Hillary Clinton thinks she’s going to one-up Obama’s vendetta against coal, she’s got another thing coming. I will not tolerate this war on jobs. I’ll fight for Kentucky every day in the Senate. I will stand strong for coal and for American business. Will you stand with me? In liberty, Rand Paul

If Blacks think the Democrats are their best hope they are ignoring Historic Facts of the matter.

A Quick History Lesson The 11th Amendment abolished Slavery 100% Republican Supported This 23% Democrat Supported This The 14th Amendment Gave Citizenship to Freed Slaves 94% Republican Support 0% Democratic Support The 15th Amendment Gave the Right to Vote to all Men 100% Republican Support 0% Democratic Support