A Father-Daughter Affair

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The Causes of Father-Daughter Incest

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Toward the Stategic Treatment of Sex Offenders 

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Why fathers should never sexually abuse their daughters.


This page is NOT meant to promote improper use of children rather it should serve as a warning to those tempted to do so.

This web page contains the story of one incestuous father and his daughter as well as information on why it occurred. The Why is from a book by 2 PhD level psychologists who serve to treat such families in the Houston Texas area. There is also information here on how the Sex Offender Registry makes Sex Offenders socially dead and how Restrictions on Where Sex Offenders can live actually protect no one and may actually increase recidivism of these offenders. There are links here that tell of the low recidivism of sex offenders. Only murderers have a lower rate of repeating their crimes. Also I've added pages on the invisible differences in the genders of man.

A often repeated lie on the web is that childhood sexual abuse does no harm if the child is not forced or coerced. This is false. My victim actually asked me to touch her and yet the harm it did was extremely severe.

FYI I very much regret what I did to my daughter, not because she eventually told and I went to serve 9 years and 3 months in prison, but because it brought href="Devestating_Psychological_Damage.htm">devastating psychological damage to a person I loved. I also admit that I did deserve the prison sentence for the crime I committed but no one deserves the amount of abuse I took while incarcerated.

I am willing to speak publicly to small groups or civic organizations about prevention of childhood sexual abuse. Since almost half of all sexual abuse is intra family sexual abuse stopping incest will cut the sexual crime rate by half. I want expenses paid and $100 for the presentation. This is negotiable.

If you wish to contact the author of this web page click on " About Me " at left. There is a mail to link on that web page. No hate mail please. I am on Twitter and this web site is hosted for free by coffeecup.com . They have a Blog called STREAMS. They also provide software for writing web sites. So if you have something to say and need a lot of room to say it, this is a place to come to,  Want to see my resume: Click here .