Stress-A contributing factor in incest


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Schedule of Recent Experience

Multiply the number of occurances in each row by the number of occurences in the last year then total the last column.
Life Experience Score Value Number of Occurances

Row total

Death of a Spouse 100    


Marital Separation 65    
Detention in Jail 63    
Death in the Family 63    
Major Personal Illness or Injury 53    
Marriage 50    
Being Fired at Work 47    
Marital Reconciliation 45    
Retirement from Work 45    
Major change in the health or behavior of a family member 44    
Pregnancy 40    
Sexual Difficulties 39    
Major Business Change 39    
Major Financial Change 38    
Death of a close Friend 37    
Change to a different line of work 36    
Change in arguments with wife 35    
Taking on > $10,000 of debt 31    
Forclosure of a loan 30    
Major Change of Work 29    
Child Leaving Home 29    
In-Law Problems 29    
Out Standing Personal Acheivment 28    
Wife Starting or Stopping School 26    
Major Living Condition Change 25    
Revision of Personal Habits 24    
Trouble with Boss 23    
Change in work Schedule or Conditions 20    
Change in residense 20    
Change to a new school 20    
Change in Type of Amount of recreation 19    
Major change in church activities 19    
Major change in social activities 18    
Assuming debt < $10,000 17    
Major Change in sleep 16    
Major Change in Family Meetings 15    
Major Change in Eating Habits 15    
Vacation 13    
Christmas 12    
Minor Violations of the law 11    
Column 4 total=      









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 Onviously the way to reduce stress is to reduce the number of changes that one goes through. My stress scores while living with my wife were between 2,000 and 3,000. By contrast in prison they were in the 700 to 800 range. So being in prison was less stressful than being in my marriage to Kathleen Robin Hunt.





According to Blair and Rita Justine people with stress score above 124 were likely to abuse their children or spouses. My wife's stress must have been high as she was concealing her history as a childhood sexual abuse victim. Again I want to emphasize that stress is not an excuse for comittting incest but is a contributing factor according to these two PhD level psychologists. I made my choice and have to live with the consequenses for the rest of my life.




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