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Why My Daughter wanted me to do this:

I learned in treatment at Iowa's Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility that when a child experiences sexual stimulation and finds it pleasurable they seek to feel that good again.

This does not mean it is good for them. It does, at the moment, feel good but later as the child matures and listens to classmates complaining about boyfriends having problems removing their bras they start to realize that they have been cheated out of the learning experience of self discovery by the abuse inflicted on them by the child abuser*.

Still this is the reason why many authors write that little girls return to the home of their abuser and why some adult women stay with abusive husbands, they don't know any other way to communicate.

So my victim, even at her tender age, felt sexual stimulation and found it pleasurable. Since she had heard her mother's anger on that Sunday she decided it had to be our secret. So when we were alone she felt it was appropriate to ask me to do it again. If you don't think young children can be sexually excited please obtain the 1953 Kinsey Report. In that scientific paper they documented a 3 year old girl who masturbated herself to orgasm regularly. Now if she was doing that she obviously found it pleasurable. She most likely outgrew the practice if left to her own devices. Unfortunately Kinsey's paid child molesters probably did not leave her alone. Just as in my case I didn't leave my victim to outgrow it.

It was revealed in 2008 that Alfred Kinsey had paid fathers to sexually molest and rape their daughters and record the girl's reactions to stimuli. This does taint the results but do not throw the whole study out because of this. Even the studies of the Nazi's of freezing men and women to death have yielded some useful data.


Another point

That I want to mention here is that according to Blair and Rita Justice in their book Broken Taboo: Sex In The Family one reason some girls proposition their fathers is protect their mothers from their father's anger. They also state that some do it to reduce the overall stress level in the house caused by the parents constantly fighting. This was the cause in my case because my victim asked me, "What do I have to do to keep you from fighting?" So my daughter acted as she did to prevent the fights we were having over my wife forcing me to be celibate, to allow her continuing control of the family money and her constantly accusing me of affairs I never had.





* I will not term every sexual abuser of children as a pedophile because many, if not most, do not meet the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia.

A pedophile is an individual who fantasizes about, is sexually aroused by, or experiences sexual urges toward pre pubescent children for a period of at least six months..

I am sick to death of people that think all child molesters are Pedophiles. If he didn't plan it, plot it, and fantasized about it for six months then they are not Pedophiles.












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