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Residential Limits on Sex Offenders


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Do the Residential Limits on Sex Offenders really protect kids?

Numerous Studies have been made into the Residential Limits on Sex Offenders. Numerous people have stood up in legislatures in states around the country claiming these rules that exile sex offenders "have saved 15,000 children from childhood sexual abuse."  Such claims cannot be verified by data.

Iowa is the legislature where a woman stood up and declared that their 2000 foot law that prevents Sex Offenders with minor victims from living within 2000 feet of any school or day care center had saved 15,000 children from childhood sexual abuse. Fact is the prisons in Iowa at the time she said this had only 1500 offenders incarcerated  Most of these were first offenders with only one or two victims. I only knew one who had 10 and I was in 4 prisons over the nine years I was incarcerated.

Unless there was a one year reduction of sex offenses from 2000 to 2001 of 15,000 then the claim is false on its face.

There was a sex offender living in the mobile home court where I lived while engaged in the incestuous relationship that sent me to prison. This man was a flasher. But no one in our mobile court knew about it. Because he did all of his flashing away from his home.

In my own case I did all my acts in the home. No other child was ever exposed to any sex acts on my part. So I am not a danger to anyone but that original victim. My worst nightmare is for her to show up here and try to seduce me. That would be the challenge to staying straight.

So to the left are links to studies and articles on this topic..

The video below is is from the Reform Sex Offender Laws Convention of 2013 and explains why current laws are not constitutional.

















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