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March 8, 2007 - October 8. 2009

I had hoped to be transferred to Mt. Pleasant but they sent me to Clarinda which is about far away from my Sister and Brother-in-Law as you can be and still be in Iowa. Here was reunited with friends I had met at Anamosa like Tim Walker, Ron Wheeler, Daniel Miller and Scott Mankin all of whom I had played Canasta with at Anamosa. Ron,  Scott and Daniel  and I were on North 4 while Tim was on North 3.

Ron Slaughter was my roommate. He was there for theft. To show how messed up the legal is in Iowa Ron was charged with steeling about $300 worth of stuff but after he went to prison the victim claimed to have also lost a $3000 ring. So besides his fines, court costs and $300 to compensate his victim they added another $3000 to the money he owed after he went to prison.

This prison was less stressful an Anamosa. Here if you starting giving a sex offender garbage the guards would tell you to stop. This only worked if the guard overheard it. So when a guy sits at the table I'm at and reads a poem about anybody who has sex with a child should get a bullet in the head you have to take it if it quiet enough the guard did not hear it.

I get a job cleaning the unit to start with. I stay at for a while and do clean up twice a day. They do close the dayroom when we do this so there is no interference with our cleaning.  I join a key boarding class to pass the time. My typing is down to about 20 words a minute so I can us the class to get back up to speed.

Fues is an inmate who wants to hassle me constantly. Claims I'm a predator. As I say elsewhere on this site Incestuous Fathers are not predators we do what we do because of unmet needs and in my case my victim heard of my need and decided to fulfill it.

I'd been walking to keep fit since Oakdale (Iowa Medical and Classifalation Center) and while my rate at 3 mph was considered fast there I got up to 4 miles per hour while walking at Anamosa and I continue that here at Clarinda. I got up to 4.88 miles per hour walking here. Shaun Goodwin is here on credit card fraud and he can keep up with me though I does not have the ability to go for 8 miles at 4 miles per hour.

I get in transferee from household to dock crew. Clarinda Correctional Facility has no kitchen. Our food is prepared at the minimal security center called The Lodge and it put in insulated containers and trucked over. We unload the trucks and put the foot on carts which we then wheel to the units. The meals are eaten on the units here. Rooms are 2 and 3 men units.

When I can I use library Computers to write the motions for the property I suspect my wife did not surrender to my attorney per orders of the court on our divorce. These judge refuse to give the stuff even though the law of Iowa says it is mine. My mechanical tools including a torque wrench were not given to him even though I had those tools before I even knew my future wife existed.

Back in 1968 shortly before my sixteenth birthday my father wanted to see if I had learned anything reading the Mechanix Illustrated and Popular Mechanics. He has a 4 Door 1962 Plymouth up on blocks in the yard and it won't start. He tells me if I can make it go it will be my car. He doesn't think you can learn to be a mechanic by reading. I saw the gaskets in carburetor were leaking so I orders some tools from JC Whitney in Chicago and get tools and instruments and I use them to set the points, set the timing, and rebuild the carb. Three weeks after issuing his challenge he came home from work to see the old Plymouth running at a steady idle. He called Bitzer's. They were the Chrysler and Dodge dealer in Salem, Illinois and he talked to Smitty the head mechanic to ask him how much I had him do. Smitty set him straight. The only thing I'd ask him for were specs. That is what the spark gap should be on plugs. and points and the float in the card. Smitty never had to touch the car. Dad was impressed.The car ran well. I took it with me to St. Louis when I got my license I street raced with Chevelle SS396's and won half the time. That's not bad for a 190 horsepower 318 fat block.

I did not meet Kathi Hunt until 1973 and did not date her until January 22, 1974 which was the day she turned 18. Back then the drinking age was 18. So I had bought her her first drink and danced a little though I've never enjoyed fast dancing.

Back to Clarinda, I help unload the trucks and reload the empty container back on after the meals. We also unload the commissary truck with its boxes and we take those to the commissary and stack them up. I'm the oldest guy on the dock and one of the smallest. But many of the young people don't know how to lift anything but a barbell. They know how to work out but do not know how to work. I get tired of these fools thinking they they can out work me when they are half my 56 years

This is the 2008 election year. Mc Cain vs Obama. Mc Cain's running mate is the lovely Sarah Palen. She also very smart and has been governor of Alaska for a few years which gives her more experience that Obama. But Obama being black in this day and age is an advantage. Sarah though seems to attract huge crowds wherever she speaks. I went to hole for something.and when I got out they put me in a room with Scott Mankin. Living with him is different from being friends on the yard or dayroom. He keeps telling me we are going to fight. I'm a fairly fit 180 pounds. Scott is about 325 pounds and not that much of it is fat.. I do not fight friends. Hell, I don't even fight enemies. I trust in God. Scott claims to believe but hangs on to his anger. His mother sexually abused him as a child. He found it pleasurable and married a woman of similar background. She though take the Party girl route. He has sex with his wife and when she's on her period she sucks him off. Once his daughter walked in on one of these sessions. She asked her mother what cum tasted like and her mother said it was sweet creme.

The mother wants to start sex with her son so she tells Scott to let the daughter suck him as a tradeoff. He goes to prison for 50 years with an 85 per cent minimum and she got off scott free. This even though while Scott was doing oral sex with his daughter she was doing oral sex with her son right next to him. This is a problem in Iowa. Females abusers are seldom prosucuted.

Inmate Fues who likes to give crap to me as a sex offender has the gaul to ask me to give him my dessert. Sorry. No Way. I rather throw it away than give it someone who has made in clear he is no friend of mine. Since I caught a major and went to hole I'm off the dock and doing unit cleaning again. No problem but Fues is on the same crew. I'm sweeping dust into a dust pan when Fues walks up and drops his rubber gloves right in front of me. The guard saw it and told him to come back and pick them up and put them in the trash. I do not think he know Fues and I have a history at this prison.

Using a library computer to send a motion for my property again when I hear an inmate complain that the sex offenders have all the computers. Well, I sent a kite (paper memo) requesting the use of the computer. He could have to. But he expects to just walk in and get one with not appointment or prior notice. This is prison and most all of us are here for doing something stupidly selfish. I learned better than that before I came. This man did not.

At typing class some ot the teaching assistants are playing music through the speakers on their computers. Since the typing tutor program uses sounds we are to use headphones in class. Should not the assistance have to follow the same rules we have to follow. Music distracts the typing students. I want to get to 50 wpm and I'm up to 45 right now.

This is September of 2008 and I'm missing my ex-wife. Can't figure why. It's been 10 years since we last made love. Maybe that's it though why did I not miss her in September of 2002, 2003, 2004. 2005, 2006, or 2007? On September 10 Ron Wheeler tells me that at about 8PM tonight I'll be told to pack up my stuff and prepare to be transferred to Mt. Pleasant. That is the only prison in Iowa that has a Sex Abusers Treatment Program. That will likely be my last prison before I get out. But Ron may go on about his connections in the prison system. He really does not know at eight o'clock comes and goes and we go to bed at ten and nobody told me to pack out. So Ron was wrong again.

My TV is giving me trouble. It shuts off by itself after a period of time. At first I think it overheating though Clarinda is air conditioned. I think the X-ray circuit is what is killing it.. Won't matter when I get out digital are the new standard and this one is analog.

I'm watching news and Wall Street is going down hard this time. Has not been this much blood letting since 1929. Legman Brothers is broke and telling people that work there to clean out their desks. Merrill Lynch which is Bullish on America is rescued by Bank of America. American International Group is going down too. But wait, the government says they are "too big to fail" and rescues them. More deficit and General Motors and Chrysler also need to be bailed out so the government is going to save them too. Ford says it will work out its problems.

This cannot help the Republican Party. George W. Bush is president for another 5 or 6 months and as the incumbent he will be held responsible.

I get a letter from US Bank that my wife is being foreclosed on. According to our divorce she is to get the house and the mortgage. I should not be held accountable but Rodney Ryan says his health will not allow him to help me with this case but I should not spend any money since the divorce degree says she owes it not me.

Fannie May and Freddy Mac are broke. These are government agency that stand behind mortgages. If they are broke its because people are supposed to pay their mortgages and some like my ex aren't doing it. Not surprising, some thought if Obama was elected they would not have to pay thier mortgage. There is no free lunch. The more the government borrows the less there is for the rest of us. And if they print more just to cover deficit spending that will create inflation.

September 23 I take a typing test or a series of them. I'm below 30 wpm when the top row comes into play. But two tests come out at 45 words per minute so I'm getting closer despite the fact that lately half our clases where called off. When we go to class today the IBM's are gone and we have HP/Compaq running Windows XP. Buzz, my brother on the outside, says it is way different than the Windows I knew on the ourside. The computer I'm typing this on is a Dell Inspiron running Windows XP and it's not so different from 95 that I can't do the same stuff with it I used to to use Windows 95 for.

My cellmates bitch that I won't clean the cell at noon or at 7:30AM. They say it is the time to clean. There is no established time to clean and I listen to Paul Harvey news at those two times. The morning newscast is 5 minutes and noon one is 15 minutes. You'd think they'd wait long enough for Mr. Harvey to finish but no. They do during Paul Harvey and bitch at me for not doing it on their schedule and they say I have control issues.

The TV stations in Omaha are reporting that Iowa's 2000 foot law is creating colonies of sex offenders living in hotels along I-80. Lots of people want to change the law but these laws are popular becaue people feel safer with them in effect. They actually do not do any good. If an offender wants to reoffend he will get in his car and go re-offend. To explain it a bit more I can walk at a speed of 4 miles per hour for up to 2 hours.Four miles per hour is twenty-one thousand one hundred and twenty feet per hour. Calculating it out I can walk 2000 feet in five minutes and forty-one seconds. That not much of a deturrant is it?

My television is useless. It works less than one out of four times trying to run it on. It's an RCA (Really Crappy Apparatus) Outside if you have a bed experience with a product you buy a differnent brand next time. Can't do that in prison RCA is what our commisary handles so that is what I'll get if I decide to get a new one. I'm reading more books and listening to the radio a lot more.  Have to keep the mind engaged in something.

I received my certificate for Biblical Truths in Depth from Crossroad Bible Institute of Grand Rapids, Michigan. My next course with them will be Christian Worldview I. The text for this is Chuck Colson's "How Now Shall We Live?" I have to send in an application for this course. Crossroad Bible Institute is the only Bible Study that has taken me about a year for each course. All the others bit the dust in seven months or so with certificates for courses every few weeks. Crossroad courses are more in depth and thought provoking than any others I've taken. I take a count and I have more than 120 certiciates so far. and I also have Rock of Ages sending me a verse by verse study so I'm getting a lot of Bible studies done and learning a lot.

October 8, 2008 I finally get the only transfer I've ever wanted. I'm put in a jump suit, hand cuffs locked to a waist chain and shackles at my ankles and get put in a van for the trip almost all the way accrossed Iowa. Clarinda is one county east of the Missouri river which forms Iowa's western border. Mt. Pleasant is one county away from the Mississippi River which is the Eastern Border of Iowa. So this is a long trip down Highway US 34. They have to refuel the van once in route. But I've finally where I'll be able to get some treatment.






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