Chapter six: Caught!


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Chapter Six: Caught


One night my wife complained that she had a head cold. She sniffled and complained all evening so I gave her an antihistamine that generally put me to sleep. She took it and went to bed. I waited a half hour then I went to my daughter's room and woke the child up. She asked me why and I ask her, "Do you want to feel good?" and she said "yes." I carried her out to the living room and manually stimulated her to climax then she said I could just rub my cock on her as she was too tired to do outercourse with me.

So I was rubbing my penis on her breast bone when my wife came out and ask "What the hell is going on here". Now I had heard her coming and had put my organ back in my pants but the sleepy child did not pull her clothes back together.  She had pushed down her pants to let me rub her and taken her oversized off because skin is easier to clean than clothes. Still, I was caught red handed. She said she didn't know what to do. I told her to call 9-1-1 because they knew where to route the call. She didn't want to do that. Since she'd quit her job to return to college I was the sole source of income for the family. She knew it would end her gravy train if she called 9-1-1.


What she decided to do instead was to be sure to be home when our daughter was home, no more evening classes.

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