Chapter four: Half Day Kindergarten


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Chapter four: Half Day Kindergarten

When my daughter was five it was time to enroll her in school. She would go to a half day of kindergarten each day in the morning and be home for lunch. Since my job was second shift teaching Electronic Engineering Technology at the local Junior College and my wife had started had started working days at the local mall we'd be alone five days a week. The first day of school I walked my daughter to the school bus stop and watched her go off to school. I was waiting for her when they dropped her off about 11:45. I walked her home and she asked me "Is mom home?" when I said no she said good.


We got back to the house and as soon as we entered she closed all the drapes in our living room and stripped off her clothes until she was naked. I hurried to match her nudity and we did our whole sequence right there on the orange shag carpet in the living room. Since we had time I brought her to climax with oral sex.


We did sixty-nine for a while Then she sat on my penis and leaned forward with her hands on the floor on each side of my head. That was different. Then I noticed it put her clitoris in contact with my penis as she slide forward and backward on my shaft.


She got up and said. "I need a bath." I told her "We also need to eat lunch." She went to her room and grabbed an outfit and went to the bathroom to start a bath. I could hear the water clearly and after I put burger in the broiler I looked down the hall and she'd left the bathroom door wide opened. I went up the hall and walked into the bathroom and when I came in she stood up to show me what she had. I told her, "thank you" but explained our gas broiler would burn the burgers if I didn't turn them on time. So I left her there and return to the kitchen to turn the burgers. When they were done I yelled "Lunch is ready!" She replied, "Daddy come here." So I reported as ordered.


She was standing in the tub. I asked her, "What do you want?" She said "Lift me out of the tub." So I put a hand under each arm and lifted her out. She pulled a towel off the rack and said, "You dry me off." So I carefully dried her off then I turned to go to lunch.


My son came home from school and went to his room to do his homework. I told him there were Pizza Rolls in the freezer if he got hungry.


I had to go to work so I told my son I was leaving and their mother was due home before supper time. I worked my usual shift and got home at 10:15 PM. The house was dark and quiet so I turned on the TV and caught the end of the news and then went to bed.


The next morning I asked my daughter if she wanted me to walk her to the bus stop and she said no. She walked down alone. At 11:15 AM I was down at the bus stop waiting for her. She said "Hi Dad" and we held hands all the way back to the house. We walked in; she dropped her book bag and went to the master bedroom. I followed her in and when I arrived she said. "I'll race you to naked." So I started to strip quickly but she beat me to naked. She hopped up on the bed put her butt on the edge of the mattress and laid her back flat. When I was naked and I walked up to her she lifted her legs and when I knelt she lowered them onto my shoulders It was obvious what she wanted so I dove in, mouthed her mound and ran my tongue up and down her slit as her climax approached she reached down to hold me in place so as she shivered. When that ended she reached down and pushed me off saying, "Wait a minute I need to catch my breath after that one." So I knelt there and waited a little while she caught her breath.


So I got dressed and went out to boil hot dogs for lunch. We were still eating when my son arrived home. My daughter had not taken her bath by the time I left for work.


When I got up in the morning my daughter wanted me to walk her to the bus stop. As we walked down she asked me if I was okay since she'd seen my erection when I was eating her but hadn't gotten my rocks off yet. I told her I was fine and I didn't mind giving her the pleasure without taking any for myself. Even before we got to the bus stop she told me to go home and wait for her to come back.


Now my initial reluctance to do these things returned and so I started being out when my daughter returned home. It was not long when avoiding the temptation became a problem because my daughter told my wife. My wife insisted I had no reason not to be home when our daughter got out of school. Little did she know the truth?


So the next day I was home as my wife commanded. My daughter came home, walked in the door, dropped her book bag then took a running jump into an octopus hug. An Octopus hug means to hug you with all your limbs wrapped around the person you are hugging. That puts the hugger's full weight on the huggee. I'm thankful God gave me a strong frame and core muscles to accept octopus hugs without being injured.


In Iowa the school year is 180 days total.So it's likely that my daughter and I had incestuous relations 175 times during her kindergarten year. Most days it started with hugs and kisses and advanced to me doing oral sex on her until orgasm after which we'd sixty-nine for a while until we'd finish with outercourse until I'd cum.

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