Chapter five: First Grade


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Chapter five: First Grade

First grade is a full day of school. So now our activities were limited to evenings when my wife took college classes. She was studying now to become a teacher.


My victim has now begun to ask questions. She asked me how babies were made. I explained to her that if I put my penis into her vagina and she was old enough and it was the right time of the month we could make a baby. She asked what time of the month was best for making babies. I explained about what a girl's period was and that a week after it ends seems to be the time of peak fertility for most women. She ask me if her mother and I were planning any more children. I explained that her mother refused to let me put my penis in her vagina so no children were likely. Then she proposed to make a baby with me! I explained that her cleft lip and palate would likely to be duplicated in any child she and I produced together.


She had not yet started having periods yet but at least she would understand what it was and that the bleeding would not be fatal.


On the days my wife had late afternoon classes my son would make my daughter a healthy snack when she got home. Since I had been let go at the community college I was now in retail selling computers. The store was closed weekends and evenings which meant any opportunities for us to continue our incestuous affair were now dependent on my wife being gone in the evenings.


On September 6, 1992 my wife once again did allow me to make love to her. It was 1,092 days from the previously mentioned intercourse event.  It was the first Saturday after my birthday that it happened. I'm not sure why she allowed it since two other birthdays had passed without her permitting what every man wants his wife for.


My wife kept trying to complete a college level mathematics course so she could teach middle school math. She took the class three times and failed it all three times. My daughter is now being teased relentency because her cleft lip and palate is causing her nose to be crooked. This name calling caused her to more highly value her father's relationship though they told her in school about good touch bad touch and she told me now that she now understood what I meant when I told her we had a special relationship. We were naked on her parent's bed when she brought it up and I ask her if she wanted to stop. She thought for a moment then said "no."


So when her mother was at the University in the evening we would do what we used to do in the afternoon. She ask me if I wanted to make her feel good and I'd say yes and we'd hug and kiss until she'd French me then we'd feel her nipples until she did it again I'd suck at her nipples on her still undeveloped breasts. When she'd pull me up to kiss her and she'd French me again I'd move a hand to her genitals to stimulate her clitoris. At the next entry of her tongue in my mouth I'd move my mouth to her genitals and I'd lick and nibble her to orgasm. Her orgasm were still expressed as shivers starting at her genitals and spreading through her whole body.


We didn't have too many chances to get together which increased risk taking

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