Chapter three: Fellatio Artist?


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Chapter Three: Fellatio Artist

At least twice a week my wife and son would leave my daughter and me alone and each time this happened my daughter would ask me to make her feel good. Each time we'd start with a kiss and progressed to the point when I'd do oral sex on her until she'd climax. Then she'd let me rub my penis on her nude body until I'd cum. Sometimes I did it on her chest, other times I'd have her lay on her stomach and I'd lay my penis between her butt cheeks and stroke it on her externally until I'd cum. This was so satisfactory that I held off in my plan to add fellatio to her repertoire for am additional week. Finally the day arrived when I ask her, again in the afterglow of her orgasm, to consider doing to my penis as I'd been doing to her genitals for seven weeks. Once again I told her she did not need to answer until we were again having sexual relations.

Even though we continued to be left alone she did not come to me so I could make her feel good. I felt she feared what I would do if she refused to accept my proposal to do oral sex on me. So once I went to her room and knocked on the door when we were alone in the house. I explained to her that if she refused I would continue to do what we had been doing before without any pressure to change things. She said "Okay" and I left her room and returned to the living room, put in a StarTrek video and watched it.


She did not come out of her room until her mother came home. My wife made her Hamburger Helper supper for that night and we ate supper. At my daughter's bedtime she asked me to tuck her in. So I took her to her room and put her to bed with a hug and a kiss, no tongue. This now became a daily procedure but I did not abuse her when putting her to bed. She didn't ask me to so I didn't do it. We kept this bedtime ritual up right up to the day she reported the abuse. I never abused her at this time because she didn't ask me to do anything other than to put her to bed.


The next Saturday my son went to a friend's house and my wife went to do the grocery shopping. My daughter asked me to make her feel good as my wife started the car. As we both stripped to the skin I ask her if she had decided to try to suck me off. She said, "I'll try it one time but if I don't like it I don't want you to think I'll do it again" I said, "That's okay."


I kissed her on the mouth and she Frenched me four times in the one kiss, counting the steps off I went down on her and did oral sex on her until she shivered in climax. Now it was time to see if she would do oral sex on me and if she would stay at it until I ejaculated. So I put it close to her face as she knelt in front of me and she took my penis in her small hand and started to masturbate me. When her hand got tired she put my penis in her mouth and moved up and down my shaft as I'd told her to do. She kept a tight seal around my shaft then after fellating me for a few minutes she came off my penis and said "Yucky, you came in my mouth!" Now I had not cum, this was that little drop of precum that serves to lubricate a woman's vagina. I explained all this to her then proposed that she straddle me and stroke my penis with her labia. Since I'd explained that a man my age could cum but once for several hours so if I could ejaculate with her labia rubbing on my penis then I couldn't have climaxed when she was sucking my penis. I laid on my back and she straddled me kneeling and settled with her labia up against my penis and she'd slide up and down my shaft until I'd ejaculate. She did it and I shot so hard the semen actually landed on my own face. I cleaned myself with a Kleenex and we got dressed. I ask her if she'd suck me again and she said, "I will as long as you don't cum in my mouth." I immediately accepted her condition as my wife had stopped sucking my cock within the first six months of our marriage.


I really did, and still do love to do cunnilingus. My wife had forbidden me to do this to her after her father called our home trying to reconcile with his daughter, my wife right after she had my son, his first grandchild.


According to psychologists I had in prison she connected this act to her father and that's why his call generated that prohibition. This was one reason I continued to make my daughter climax by cunnilingus from the first time she let me do it.


Now we had a sequence where I'd start by kissing her, then French kissing her, then working the nipples undeveloped breasts, then sucking her tiny nipples, rubbing her vaginal slit, then doing oral sex to her orgasm, then we'd do sixty-nine until she decided I was hard enough then we'd do outercourse until I'd ejaculate. We'd do it anytime my wife left the two of us alone. My son had taken to staying in his room except for school, bathroom breaks, and meals so even his presence in the house was no longer an impediment to our incestuous relations.


On September 10 of this year of 1989 my wife did allow me to make love to her one time. Why that day? Because it was the first Saturday after my birthday. It had been 1,355 days since my last lovemaking with my wife. I remember that love making session because it was the only morning lovemaking since my son had been born and it was on Christmas Morning. She was too busy and tired to make love on a work day and Sunday night was my appointment to watch Star Trek. One reason she was so tired was because of the extra weight she was carrying. She'd been 162 pounds when we'd been joined in matrimony. By now she was up to 225 and was still gaining.

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