Chapter Seven: Does she want to have intercourse?


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Chapter Seven: Does she want to have intercourse?

When my daughter was eight she ask me if I could make love to her like I would her mother. Then I explained that the first time a girl does accept a man's penis into her vagina there was a membrane of skin that he would have to tear through and that would cause pain the first time she did it. She still wanted to try. So when she'd been doing outercourse with me for a few minutes I ask her if she wanted it inside her today. When she answered yes I held my organ straight up and my daughter would spread her labia and try to impale herself on my penis. This gave her control of penetration and how much pain she had to take.

Now she had more than six surgeries to correct her cleft lip and palate. The reason she like sex so much was it was a sharp contrast to the pain she suffered in surgery and after each one. Now that intercourse would hurt the first time she did not want to suffer too much pain.

The first time we tried this she was eight. She lowered herself onto my organ until she felt it hit her hymen that put just the head of my penis inside her. At that point she decided to back off and she raised herself off my organ and resumed rubbing her genitals over my penis to help me cum.

We did not try sexual intercourse again for three years.

On the now rare occasions when my wife would leave me with my daughter, she'd ask me to make her feel good. We would each take our own clothes off, climb up on the bed, hug and kiss like a pair of teeny boppers, when she French Kissed me, I'd rub her nipples which had now started to harden at my tender touch. When she Frenched me again I'd move my mouth to a nipple and Id suck them, alternating between her still tiny tits. When she French kissed me again I move a hand to her bare genitals and work the slit and her clitorus  gently driving her up the wall. Another tongue kiss would be my signal to do oral sex on  her which would drive her to orgasm if previous touches had failed to do so.

Then it was my turn as she'd rub my penis, we'd do sixty-nine until we were both hot then she do outercourse with me until I'd ejaculate.

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