Chapter Eleven: The Cruise Itself


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Chapter eleven: The cruise itself

So we flew from our town to Minneapolis, Minnesota by Northwest Airlines Turbo Prop and caught a connecting flight in a Jumbo jet to Los Angeles. We spent the night in the Pennysaver hotel which is across the street from Disneyland.

The following day we received a phone call from a Canadian family who was also going on the Widesmiles Cruise. We met then in Disneyland and went on rides, saw shows and watched parades.

The next day we took a taxi to Long Beach to catch our cruise. My daughter had bought a brand new one piece swim suit once she found out cruise ships have swimming pools. I had gone with her to order it and was pleased she had selected it instead of a bikini.

Still she found a way to get under my skin even with a one piece suit.

It was our second day out and we all went up to the pool deck. My daughter decided to go swimming. She'd never had swimming lessons so I decided if she was going to swim I would also be ready to help her if she would get in trouble, The ship did not station a lifeguard.

So my daughter and I retired to our cabin to change, she went to change in the bathroom while I quickly changed in the main cabin. I had my trunks on when she came out of the bathroom with the bathing suit pulled over her hips but without pulling the top up and pulling the straps on her arms to cover her now developing breasts. They did look inviting but once again God gave me strength to say, "Pull up the straps and cover your breasts?" She pulled the straps over her arms and covered herself. Crisis averted.

Now my wife when we started dating had told me she was a Christian, a Virgin and wanted ten to twelve kids. On the return flights, we were delayed about a half hour with an announcement that our aircraft had a bad generator. This created a phobia in my wife's mind that the plane was going to crash! Now the delay was to allow the maintenance technicians to change the bad generator so the plane would fly with its redundant systems intact.

You see all twin engine aircraft have two generators. Either generator, by itself, is sufficient to operate all the equipment on the plane. These are FAA standards that have provided the United States with an excellent flight safety record. Being a Christian means having faith in God and if you have faith in God you should trust Him. Trust that his will is going to be done. If it's his will that we will die in a plane crash we will die in a  plane crash. If it is his will that we will survive to get back home, we will get back home.

If I did not have faith I would have asked for Protective Custody on day one of incarceration. I would have done the whole nine years and three months in PC. But I trusted him and stay generally in General Population. If it was his will for me to be beaten to death who was I to hide from God's will?


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