Chapter Eight: A Change In Behavior


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Chapter Eight: A Change in Behavior 

With my wife trying very hard not to leave me and my daughter alone in the house we didn't have many chances to carry out or incestuous relationship. I pretty much knuckled under my wife's plan and just settled into wife enforced celibacy. Then one late September Sunday paper had a Barbie doll from Target for only $3.99. My daughter saw the ad and said she wanted it for a Birthday gift. Now on the day before her eleventh birthday I walk out from the back of the mobile home to hear my daughter telling my wife to go get it for her. I smell a hidden motive here.

So I offer to go and get the doll. My daughter immediately objects saying "Daddy doesn't know anything about Barbie; he'll get the wrong one." Then I said, "Then you go with me and make sure I get the right one." Her reply made no sense at all: "I want to be surprised!" She requested a Barbie doll. We are buying her a Barbie. What surprise is there? I tell them, "Target uses Stock Keeping Unit numbers and I'll ask a sales clerk to help me get the right one. Again my daughter demands that my wife go alone to get it. It seems to me this is more about getting my wife out of the house than getting the right doll.

So my wife goes out to the car and even before she gets in my daughter takes me by the hand and takes me to the master bedroom. She immediately starts to take off her clothes. I haven't started to do anything but to stand and watch her. She says, "Come on Dad, You know what we are going to do." So I start to remove my clothing.

It should be noted that up to now that we did our incest acts when my wife was out of the house of her own volition. This time I had stood and listened as my daughter manipulated her out of the house so we could be intimate. I had turned my innocent daughter into a wanton whore!

So here I was in my own bedroom naked lying next to my naked daughter embracing her as my lover. I had already been given the signal to put my hands on her genitals. My other hand is on a nipple that is budding into a breast. She let me suck at her nipple then sent me down to to do oral sex. I ran my tongue up and down her slit until she came. Then we went into sixty-nine until I was hard as granite. When she sat up to do outercourse I heard my penis using my mouth to say "I want to cum inside you." So my daughter raised herself up and I held my cock straight up as she tried to impale herself on my raging penis. She really tried hard but the pain of pushing on her hymen was too much for her to take.

She thought maybe she had torn it and she ask me to look to see if she should do it again since if it was broken we could make love without pain. I laid her on her back and opened her outer labia and her inner labia and I opened her vagina and saw an intact hymen, she was still a virgin. So she had outercourse with me to my ejaculation and we left the bedroom fully dressed just seconds before my wife came home with the Barbie doll in an opaque bag.

After greeting my wife I returned to the scene of my crime and I prayed to Almighty God to stop my sexual abuse even if he had to take my life. He must have acted because my daughter never again manipulated her mother out of the house nor did she ever express another request to be made to feel good. I thought once again it was over and done with but I wasn't quite done yet.

I want to say a word here to all those who claim the title Christian without accepting God's Transforming grace to allow them to sin less.

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