Are all Sex Offenders Predators?


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The Author of this web site is a Sex Offender but is NOT a Predator!

Iowa has a law that provides for the civil commitment of "Sexually Violent Predator(s)." The first step is a referral to a Multiple Disciplinary Committee. The administrators did not refer me to that group, because they recognize that incest is caused by a family dynamic.
I set up this web site that tells the story of what happened in my marriage and family. I give you fair warning that the 12 chapters do contain explicit language. I've toned the language down in the twelve chapter account of what happened in the family so the preceding warning no longer holds.
The civil commitment law of Iowa calls for lifetime commitment of those proven by a preponderance of evidence to be sexually violent predators. Most of those who have been released have been released only by legally challenging their commitment seven or more years after their initial commitment. The system amounts to double jeopardy because the civil commitment punishes the predator after he has served his time and should be released. This also violates the dependent's right to know what he faced when he is charged with a crime. Civil commitment was not mentioned in the original hearings of any of these violators.
 The section on the Causes of Incest is less explicit and combines elements of my story with information from Drs. Blair & Rita Justice's Broken Taboo:Sex In The Family. I discovered their book because every book I read about incest had a quote or a footnote referring to this book. It is available from used. If you are in a committed relationship and have children you should read this book
For those of you who are Christian and are incest victims should read and follow Jan Frank's A Door of Hope. This is also available from both new and used.








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