Chapter 1: The Grooming 

Chapter 2:The Start of the Affair

Chapter 3: Fellatio Artist

Chapter 4: Half Day Kindergarten

Chapter 5:First Grade

Chapter 6: Caught!

Chapter 7: Does She Want to Have Sex

Chapter 8: A Change in Behavior

Chapter 9: Hiatus and a Short Failure

Chapter 10: The Plan for a Cruise

Chapter 11: The Cruise Itself

Chapter 12:What Now?

Chapter 13 The Blackhawk County Jail

Chapter 14 Iowa Medical and Classification Center

Chapter 15 Anamosa State Penitentiary

Chapter 16 Clarinda Correctional Facility

Chapter 17 Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility

Chapter 18 Released to Freedom 

Second Year Out  

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A Father-Daughter Affair


This article contains a factual account of an incestuous affair between a very young girl and her father. The author very much regrets the actions he took with his daughter. Not because he had to go to prison for his admitted misdeeds, but because of the psychological harm he did to a loved one.

Unlike other sex crimes, incest is not merely the result of a perverted individual assaulting a random victim. Rather, it is the acting out of complex family dynamics, which are further explained by the book "Betrayal of Innocence" by Dr. Susan Forward and the story contained in the links at the left.

Make no mistake that the father in the story did love his daughter. During and after the abuse the plan for fire evacuation of the mobile home in case of fire was for the father to risk his life making sure his daughter got out of the mobile home.  Mobile homes go from ignition to total involvment in less than 2 minutes.

 If you are under eighteen (twenty-one in Utah) or this is going to upset you then don't read this. In fact you should leave this website and delete it from your history so you can't find you way back. The story is detailed in some sections and is a forbidden file in Florida and most Moslem countries. 

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